Stoke on Trent’s CLKWRK release new single Poison

CLKWRK is a band that exists with a mantra: combining Blues and rock with electronic music by creating every sound – electronic and organic – themselves, live.

Every synth and every electronic sound created on the fly with guitars, live electronic drums and effects. No laptops, no sequences, no pre-recorded parts, no exceptions. Humans imitating machines.

The journey to be able to release this music to the world has been a long one though. Three years of exploring sounds, writing music, recording songs and discovering their musical identity, and a huge UK wide tour with US Rock Legends Electric Six.

Produced by themselves and mixed by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman), with music videos, imagery and new releases underpinning their intense release schedule, tracks from the band’s first wave of releases (Namely ‘Fractures’ and ‘Rust’ and was released to critical acclaim with multiple plays on Planet Rock, Kerrang! Radio and lots more.

With their sights set on touring in the second half of 2022 The band are hugely excited to release new music.

Nick Pilgrim – Vocals & Guitar
Adam Broadhurst – Guitar & Guitar Synth
Danny Higgins – Bass
Romas Masteika – Drums.


Musical influences:

Nick: Led Zeppelin, Myles Kennedy, Pendulum
Adam: Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Prodigy
Danny: RATM & No Doubt
Romas: Led Zeppelin (Again) & Porcupine Tree


In their words:

While this track doesn’t carry as much of an electronic influence, all of our synth, electronic drum and electronic sounds are all generated live and on the fly. We never sequence any sounds to play behind us and everything is all done through human beings – as it should be.

…Aside from the Donald Trump sample at the beginning. We couldn’t get our pedals to make that one for us.


Quote about the song:

 ‘Poison’ is a song about frustration. frustration for people, frustration for the words they use and frustrations of the actions they take. When one person drives you to just stop in your tracks and think “You’re just poison. You’re made of it, you emanate it and you become it. My life will be better without you in it”. Nick Pilgrim

Upcoming live dates:

Sheffield (Tramlines/The Yorkshireman) – 23rd July
Stoke on Trent (The Rigger) – 30th July
Sheffield (The Yorkshireman) – 6th August
Birmingham (So Called) – 17th September

More touring to come later in the year.

CLKWRK – Poison 29th July 2022


CLKWRK – Fleash & Bone

CLKWRK – Fractures

CLKWRK – Fortunate Son (CCR cover)

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