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“Death to labeling, cliché’s, and preconceived notions. CHOSEN BY FATE has liberated such idioms as progressive, industrial, and alternative. Diversity incarnate is their maxim.” ~~Mark Hall, on the band’s recent appearance on the Motor Live Drive @ 5 radio program at Henry Ford
College’s radio station, WHFR.
Maybe one day, thanks to Mark Hall, the American Heritage Dictionary will have an entry that goes something like this:
CHOSEN BY FATE – 1. “Four authentic musical explorers (who) absorb Pink Floyd, Queen, Ministry,
Alex Clare, Nine Inch Nails, and produce original rhythms and intricate melodies that hold you rapt.” – M. Hall. 2. William Quigley: Lead Vocals and Keyboards. Eric W.Markley: Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, FX, and Vocals. Skip Simons: Bass, FX, and Vocals. Jeff Sehn: Drums, Percussion, and Vocals. The fortuitous union of four musicians from Michigan known as CHOSEN BY FATE has produced the perfect fusion of a wide array of musical interests into a commanding sound. This creative combination took quite some time to realize, but when the pieces came together, musical magic was made. Eric, Skip, Bill and Jeff have been playing music since they were old enough to pick up instruments.
After performing in several other incarnations (Curtice/Markley, Motown Station, X-Ray Ted, and Grind Stone) Eric, Skip and Bill stuck together even as those other bands reached the end of the road. But to complete their package, they needed the right drummer. A chance conversation with Bill’s brother Bob led them to Jeff Sehn, and as luck, or fate, would have it, Jeff lived exactly one block from where the guys rehearsed. Thus began  the serendipitous events that led to the dynamic blend of musical gifts that is now CHOSEN BY FATE.
Eric, Skip, Bill, and Jeff seem to have been picked to work together by the universe herself. In a relatively short time the four-piece has become like family, and it shows in the way their individual talents intuitively meld and entwine to make music from the stars.

[Enter – March 28th, 2016; the date which marks Bill’s exit from the band. It was an amicable split, mostly due to time constraints which did not allow for Bill’s availability to
continue to perform with CHOSEN BY FATE as much as Skip, Eric, and Jeff wanted to perform.]
It’s as if the improvisations are dropped into their laps, literally from the outer atmosphere. CHOSEN BY FATE makes music that touches the heart, mind, and sometimes even the spine. Every time they touch their instruments, or just share  the same room, a kinetic energy whips through the space. It’s
the kind of energy that permeates everything, waking you up and seeping down to your very soul. At its core lies a quantum realm that is directly linked to the center of the universe. Listen and discover the musical explorers known only as CHOSEN BY FATE.

Updated Lineup Information;
Eric William Markley – lead guitars, lap steel guitar,
keyboards, FX, and Vocals.
Skip Simons – Bass guitars, FX, Theremin, and Vocals.
Jeff Sehn – Drumkit, Percussion, Vocals, and Ideas.
All three members write lyrics.”

Chosen By Fate – Allison

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