Chaos Over Cosmos

Chaos Over Cosmos

Chaos Over Cosmos is an progressive metal online collaborative project originally created by Rafal Bowman and Javier Calderón. Two musicians who had never met each other and decided that being countries apart couldn’t stop them from making music together.

Since the release of the debut album ‘The Unknown Voyage’ in September 2018 and its re-release with 2 new tracks in April 2019, Javier decided to leave Chaos Over Cosmos. Rafal asked Australian vocalist, Joshua Ratcliff, to join Chaos Over Cosmos, after hearing Joshua on his bands, Resurgence, debut album ‘Voices’. Rafal loved the lyrical content and Joshua’s aggressive hard rock/metal vocal style on ‘Voices’ and thought that his vocal and lyrical style would make a perfect mix for the next wave of Chaos Over Cosmos.

This is the second release of the band. The EP is three tracks long, with two vocal songs and one instrumental inspired by the work of one of biggest s-f writers, Isaac Asimov.

Line up:

Josh Ratcliff – vocal, lyrics, songwriting

Rafal Bowman – guitars, synths, programming, songwriting


  1. Cascading Darkness
  2. Consumed
  3. Asimov (instrumental)

Release date: 18.07.2019

Artwork by Josh Ratcliff

Mixed and mastered by Nekkomix

Chaos Over Cosmos – Consumed

Chaos Over Cosmos – Cascading Darkness

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