CHAOS ETERNAL – album “Journey – Pt1: Through the maze and Pt2: Higher and higher”

CHAOS ETERNAL – album “Journey – Pt1: Through the maze
and Pt2: Higher and higher”


CHAOS ETERNAL – album “Journey – Pt1: Through the maze and Pt2: Higher and higher” (25 Νovember 2022, self-release}

Journey – Pt1: Through the maze

  1. Voices
  2. When the time has come
  3. Vortex
  4. The Maze
  5. Who I am
  6. The Duality of a splintered Mind
  7. Breathe
  8. I’ll keep fighting

Pt2: Higher and higher

  1. I forgive myself
  2. Dancing with my demons
  3. Like a Phoenix
  4. Where home is
  5. Ready to go
  6. Higher and higher
  7. Flying free (without you)
  8. As good as it gets

Chaos Eternal is a one man project created by the musician Johan Ahlqvist, after Dust, his previous band, was disbanded. Recently he released his newest work, entitled “The Journey”, which is split in 4 parts, releasing the first two “Through the Maze” and “Higher and Higher”.

The two parts, “Through the Maze” and “Higher and Higher” feel like standalone works, with each having its own, distinct sound and approach. Not much are common between the two, so I’ll be going through them individually to give you a better idea.

Beginning with the “Through the Maze”, Chaos Eternal introduces a multilayered sound that cannot be easily labeled or placed under a certain genre. Of course, some influences are more prominent than others and lead the songs’ and sound’s development, still Chaos Eternal loves to fuse and blend different ideas together. Thankfully, these musical alchemies are coherent and feel, without a doubt, solid, resulting in a fresh and really interesting sound.

Opening with the track “Voices”, the first impression is that the “Through the Maze” will be a heavy, progressive metal album, technical and fast paced, heavily influenced by the thrash metal, as well. And while all of these are true and the progressive and thrash metal ideas form the core of the first part, Chaos Eternal produces, as I already said, a more complex result. Groove metal riffs, a few heavy metal ideas to brighten the sound and give an old-school vibe, technical death metal passages and even some black metal tremolo picking ideas, form the general outline of the “Through the Maze”, resulting in a first part powerful and full of surprises.

The “Higher and Higher” is quite a different story. While the first half is characterized by groovy, progressive ideas and thrash metal influences, the second part follows a more vibrant and happy route. Leaning towards rock and alternative metal, in the second half Chaos Eternal presents an uplifting, happy sounding sequel with melody, upbeat rhythm, rock ‘n’ roll and ‘80s ideas and even some ska-punk inspiration in the song “Dancing With My Demons” and bluegrass guitar licks in the closing track “As Good As It Gets”. 

Common denominator between the two parts is the love of Chaos Eternal for experimentation and pushing the limits of metal, breaking the barriers among genres. Each part has its own unique sound and flavor, yet together they form a really interesting and fresh sounding first half of a record that is yet to be finished.

Concluding, if you are looking for a unique and exciting listening experience, check out the “Through the Maze” and “Higher and Higher”, while we are waiting for the rest of the “The Journey”.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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