Change Under Death

Change Under Death

Jason Cuddy Cudmore is the mastermind behind CUD with the help of some amazing musicians this album you will want to hear . Many different styles of songs and musicians. 

Musicians Include:

Jason Cuddy Cudmore from Sister Satellite and The Daze 
John Hashem from Sister Satellte and Big Huge
Ian Smith from Sister Satellite and The Daze
Travis Macdonald from Carnal Theory
Jeff Wilson from Negative J and Big Huge
Michel Gagnon from Negative J
Trevor Richards from Sister Satellite and Death Valley Driver
and more to come

More about Jason Cudmore

Jason Cudmore is a Soulful Rock Singer/Songwriter from Prince Edward Island, Canada. He is a musician of many styles.

Jason’s music history includes:

My Addiction – A straight up Rock ‘n’ Roll band who released a 4 song ep.

Sister Satellite –  A Rock/Hard Rock band who released a 6 song album.
Songs, Caught my eye and Bottle of Poison by Sister Satellite were on rotation on Krock Radio (PEI) and many others from around the world.

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The Daze – A Rock/Punk/Metal band who released 10 songs and 2 Videos .
Drag me down was played on Krock Radio (PEI) and many others from around the world. Video, Drag me down and Dancing in the sunlight, Produced by Jason.

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Change Under Death – A Rock/Metal/Hard Rock band who have released a 15 song album with many different musicians. Jason recorded the CUD album and recorded video for every song.
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Jason Cudmore solo :

Released 15 plus songs written, recorded, mixed and produced by Jason.
Songs played on Radio Stations around the world.
20 plus videos produced by Jason.
Collaborated, recorded, produced, mixed (Blows my mind) with MC Collins R&B Singer/Songwriter from Kaduna, NG.
Collaborated with Rapper Axe Ruler from New Brunswick on his song Crazy is Contagious.
Jason is working on new songs and currently writing a metal album .
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Change Under Death – Dizzy

Change Under Death – Terrifying

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Band location – Prince Edward Island Canada

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