Chained Lizard

Chained Lizard
Release: 22 October 2021

Melbourne-based Alternative Pop Rock band Chained Lizard take their unique sound fusion to new heights on latest single “ELECTRIC VIBES”, out October 22, 2021 on major platforms. The production is immense, the beats pulse, and it sounds like a band having fun dishing out uplifting vibes. Fans of artists ranging from Lady GaGa to Linkin Park should enjoy this energizing new release.

From the Artist:
As a band we enjoy writing about the human condition and experiences that we can all relate to. In these crazy times, bringing people together through our commonalities is something that we strive for. “ELECTRIC VIBES” came together very organically as we were discussing the feelings being around the ones we like. If there is any silver lining to lockdown it’s that with all this extra time in the studio we have been able to produce our most technical and ambitious song so far. We think our existing and new audience will really enjoy this track as it is an amalgamation of styles of our first 2 releases. It begins very isolated and delicate and builds to a thumping upbeat and catchy electric vibe.

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Musician Names/Instruments:
Chris Vozz – drums & electronics
John Vozz – lead guitar
Dom Vav – bass
Olivia Lisa Marie – lead vocal & keys

Artist Biography:
Chained Lizard is a self producing independent Alternative Pop Rock band from
Melbourne, Australia formed by brothers John (Guitar) and Chris Vozz (Drums &
Electronics) in 2012.

From 2012-2014 Chained Lizard performed shows all around Victoria. In 2015, the
brothers went on hiatus from performing to start fresh, restructure the band’s line-up
and focus on writing new songs. After many auditions they found that their long time
friends Olivia Lisa Marie (Lead Vocals & Keys) and Dom Vav (Bass) were exactly
what the band needed.

In April of 2016 the band played their first show together as a new line up. They spent
the remainder of 2016 playing shows and writing new material. Having built their
own recording studio, the band started writing and self producing new music in 2017.
After years of hard work in the studio, Chained Lizard released their first Official
Single ‘Take Me for a Ride’ on the 31st of January 2020, followed by their second
single ‘broken glass’ on the 23rd August 2020.

They have been praised for their unique sound by fans and reviewers including Tony
“Jack the Bear” Mantz. Their music has been described as “energetic”, “extremely
touching”, “current”, “powerful”, “heartfelt”, “empowering” and “uplifting” and a
blend between Lady Gaga meets Linkin Park. As a band they enjoy writing about the
human condition and experiences that everyone can relate to. In these crazy times,
bringing people together through commonalities is something that the band strives

Chained Lizard – Electric Vibes

Chained Lizard – broken glass

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