ZED Launching hard into 2019, Ripple Music will re-release an acclaimed early album from one of the Ripple Family’s core bands, ZED.  The home of all things heavy and rockin’ will issue an all-new edition of the out-of-print and much-beloved Desperation Blues album in January as DESPERATION BLUES DELUXE, now accompanied by a special bonus 10-inch featuring a handful of ZED’s […]

Zed trouble in eden

Zed Trouble in Eden

Zed – Trouble in Eden 1.Royale 2.Save You From Yourself 3.The Only True Thing 4.Today Not Tomorrow 5.Trouble In Eden 6.Blood Of The Fallen 7.High Indeed 8.So Low 9.Across The Sea 10.The Mountain   Band Members: Pete Sattari- Guitar/Vox, Rich Harris – Drums, Greg Lopez – Guitar, Mark Aceves – Bass Okay, so how can I describe ‘Trouble […]