CASAGRANDE – album “Casagrande” (15 Οctober 2020, Soman Records, France)

There are really some songs here that make “Casagrande” debut from Soman Records worth owning if you are into thrash or crossover in general. The production also sounds really modern and clear helping this mix of trash with crossover to show its unique potential.

Yeah, we are talking about the opener “Anger”. This song could have come straight from established thrash albums and it could have been brilliant if it had been in a “Voivod” album. This song is psychedelic in an old crossover way, unique and dynamic.  The follower “Anxious” is a varied crossover tune with some nice breakdowns. Τhere are also some extremely good songs like the two videos “Dying Forever” and “Inferno” that sound great on this album.

Now I’m not saying the band should have gone back to writing similar songs like the four already mentioned, but these were the ones that I enjoyed more! There are many interesting riffs and time changes throughout this album.  It definitely carries a heavy likeness to that more mainline thrash metal sound that had been popularized by several bands that followed the dogma of the big 4 bands of thrash metal. It also adds a modern and refreshing essence.

Apart from having some really great individual tunes the album at least succeeds at being a more diverse and convincing album than what we already knew from thrash and crossover bands in the past and present time.  Maybe the different kinds of vocals, the unique riffs, the acoustic passages…all of these elements were essential for this reality!

Being a crossover album coming from an unknown artist like Casagrande, his debut album is more than enough to be considered  as ‘good’ and does consist of some great individual tracks.

Review by Greek Wonder

Band/Artist location – London England
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