Carry The Torch

Carry the Torch
Black Lion Records
Release: 9 June 2023

Swedish death/thrash quartet CARRY THE TORCH are preparing to unleash the new album Delusion on June 9th, via Black Lion Records. A fiery onslaught on vicious riffs, guttural vocals and harrowing intensity await among the dark waters of Delusion.

“This was feeling like we had something great all along, we started to play ‘Clear View of the End’ live quite early on, before it was even recorded, and that always was a popular song with lots of headbanging. I have said a few times that this album is heavier where it’s heavy, faster where it’s fast, and it’s got more dynamics than our first one (Obsession, 2019). I’m really excited to put this one out there for people to hear, because it contains great songs and a nerve that’s for me new, I have never been a part of a band that sounds this good. I’m really proud of the boys’ development and skills!” – Dennis Johansson (vocals)

The new album sees the band push their composition further. Incorporating synthesizers and orchestral strings into their tracks, CARRY THE TORCH enhance the textural aspects of their music and add a hint of drama. Delusion also sees tracks such as “Clear View of the End” written bearing the live experience in mind with more groovy sections and hard hitting riffs. It’ll be impossible for an audience not to headbang. “El Niño” delivers unrelenting speed, it’s a ferocious attack of modern thrash.


Based out of Kalmar/Linköping, the band started as a two-man project by Philip Nilsson (Guitar) and Dennis Johansson (Vocals) in late 2016. Björn Lindgren (drums) and Victor Wahlstedt (guitar) joined the band in 2018 and in July 2019, CARRY THE TORCH released their debut album Obsession containing songs that were written and recorded by Philip and Dennis. After a run of successful shows CARRY THE TORCH’s live performances were put on hold when the pandemic hit, and the focus shifted towards writing the next album. CARRY THE TORCH will see Delusion unleashed on May 26th, 2023.

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Dennis Johansson – Vocals
Philip Nilsson – Lead Guitar
Björn Lindgren – Drums
Victor Wahlstedt – Guitar


Delusion Track List:

  1. Children of the Purge
  2. Delusion
  3. Clear View of the End
  4. Lazarus
  5. Carry The Torch
  6. The Fathomless Deep
  7. Where Dead Saints March
  8. Filtered
  9. El Niño
  10. As We Drown
  11. Until the Light Takes Us

Carry The Torch – Delusion

Carry The Torch – Clear View Of The End

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