Captain Naysayer

“Captain Naysayer” EP
released on: February 13, 2021

Available on Spotify, Youtube, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and most other streaming services, as well as physical CDs.

Band Bio

Captain Naysayer started as a wet dream of Daan and Evert of the major shredband The DeVilles. They were looking for other musicians to share in an adventure of rock, booze and hot chicks. Lucky for them, bass player Bazz Bear of Mimi Lebonq liked their way of thinking and joined them in their quest. But Daan’s guitar skillz failed them one too many times, so they needed someone to organize the whole kaboodle and keep everyone’s shit together. So they hired Tom, one of Daan’s ex-school students. They promised him riches and 7 virgins but now he presses buttons for lukewarm beer. While trying to sell Evert’s soul on Etsy, they caught the attention of a Brazilian guy who spoke some weird type of Spanish called Arthur, and now he sings for them. The end.


1 – Black Silhouette
2 – Changes
3 – Voodoo Lovin’
4 – I See Danger
5 – Blue Eyed Mask
6 – Living Again

Captain Naysayer is:

Arthur – vocals
Daan – guitar and vocals
Tom – keys and vocals
Bert – bass and vocals
Evert – drums and vocals
Bucky – duck (but no vocals)
You – enjoying the music and vocals

Captain Naysayer – Changes

Captain Naysayer – Living Again

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