Camel Nude

Camel Nude

Studio Album, released in 1981

Songs / Tracks Listing

  1. 1.City Life (4:41)
    2. Nude (0:23)
    3. Drafted (4:13)
    4. Docks (3:50)
    5. Beached (3:32)
    6. Landscapes (2:39)
    7. Changing Places (4:10)
    8. Pomp & Circumstance (2:05)
    9. Please Come Home (1:13)
    10. Reflections (2:39)
    11. Captured (3:12)
    12. The Homecoming (2:48)
    13. Lies (4:58)
    The Last Farewell:
    14. The Birthday Cake (0:30)
    15. Nude’s Return (3:41)Total Time: 44:52

‘Nude’ was my introduction to Camel. It had just come out and my local record store was playing it to death.

I loved the story of the Second World War Japanese soldier, stranded on an island for thirty years, unaware of the changes in the world outside his own. Unaware even, that the war was over. His ‘rescue’ and return to modern life and how the poor soul could not adapt to the life in his country after decades away. The story was written by Andrew Latimer’s wife Susan Hoover and based on true stories.

This is a great concept album. The album begins with ‘City Life’ a song that achieved a lot of radio plays at the time. The music flowing as the story develops with ‘Nude’ receiving his call-up (‘Drafted’) and being forced to go to war.

The record progresses with beautiful images of life on his island, being found again and returning home to an unwanted heroes’ welcome. Eventually modern life becomes too much for him and he has to escape.

This album is best played with the accompanying story read and eyes closed to enhance the wonderful imagery that the music evokes.


Peter Devine September 2016

3 thoughts on “Camel Nude

  1. My introduction to Camel was their 1976 release, ‘Moon Madness’ and it still gets regular play from me. Prog Rock at its best, not to mention it’s very well engineered with excellent sound quality. I really need to expand my Camel catalogue! Speaking of great concept albums, Spartacus by Triumvirat (from the same era, 1975) is a personal favorite.

  2. ‘Moon Madness’ is certainly a great album Stu. If you want to listen to some more Camel may I suggest you try ‘The Snow Goose’, ‘A Live Record’ or the more recent ‘Rajaz’. Latimer’s guitar playing is quite remarkable on the latter album, If you want Camel at their more commercial, less proggy style, then try ‘Stationary Traveller’. It has some great tracks, can be a bit poppy at times but does have some interesting lyrics and themes.
    As for ‘Spartacus’ by Triumvirat, I have never heard of them or it. I shall check them out and let you know what I think.

  3. Cheers Stu, really like it. Sounds like a strong mix of ELP and Patrick Moraz to me. It got me reading about the band and the sad story of Helmut Kollen, who died of carbon monoxide poisoning whilst listening to his soon to be released solo album on his car’s cassette player. Another victim of the ’27 club’.

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