Bushi is the brainchild of Alessandro Vagnoni (drummer for Bologna Violenta, Ronin and
multi-instrumentalist for his onemanband project Drovag), here as guitarist and composer/arranger/lyricist of all the songs. The debut album (self-titled) has been released
in September 2017 via Dischi Bervisti, an independent label run by Nicola Manzan
(Bologna Violenta, Ronin).

Born as a trio, Bushi is now a quartet with the sax player Sergio Pomante (ex-Ulan Bator,
String Theory) joining Davide Scode (bass) and Fabrizio Baioni (drums).

Music and lyrics: Alessandro Vagnoni
Vocal arrangement: Davide Scode and Alessandro Vagnoni
Bass and vocals recorded by Davide Scode.
Drums and tenor saxophone recorded by Sergio Pomante at Noiselab Studio.
Guitar, mixing and engineering by Alessandro Vagnoni at Plaster Productions.
Mastering by Sergio Pomante. Drawings and graphic design by Francesco Farneselli.

The iconic and lyrical imagery of BUSHI is inspired by the Samurai epic, characterized by
the contradiction between pride and disgrace, refinement and cruelty, prestige and
decadence. The texts are short poems (haiku, a typical meter of Japanese poetry), each
inspired by the precepts of the military and philosophical schools of these noble warriors.
In this record all the haikus were made starting from the events or precepts contained in
the Hagakure book (the title of each track contains the reference to the chapter and

Bushi’s music comes out from the improper tuning of the guitar (each string in G) and the
first record represented an exploratory phase of a new way of composing. In this second
chapter there is more harmony, an easier task for vocals in finding melodies less litanic and
more effective. Even the entry of Sergio Pomante’s sax has enriched the sound palette,
giving the album an original and distinct sound, far from the average heavy music scene.
The record will be released on February 14th, 2020 in digital format via Infinity
Entertainment Group. The physical format will be available at and it will not be a normal CD package but an
illustrated book (including the lyrics and credits of the recording) with a CD included.
The Flawless Avenger is a compendium of stories of old sages, of Samurais devoted to an
honorable end, of moral teachings, of premonitory dreams that show the way. The way of
the Samurai. Death.

Bushi – Don’t Stop Where Your Heart Does

Bushi – Rolling Heads

Bushi – The Book Of Five Rings

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