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Song titles such as “Over You” and “Not Afraid” set the tone for the Austin, Texas-based band’s second EP, A Moment of Clarity. Released in the fall of 2016, the record combines the catchy and beautiful melodies of pop music with the raw energy of rock. The result is an irresistible musical blend that draws you in and leaves you wanting more. Most importantly, the EP has a sound and a message that resonates with people at an emotional level, and that is what Burning Trail strives for.

The band was born from a strong desire to change directions and explore new musical territories. In early 2015 Burning Trail was a little more than a few abstract ideas and a lot of sticky notes. Drummer Acacio Carvalho had written a number of songs and decided to record some of them, hoping to find like-minded people to join in. During that process, he met singer Cati Domitrovich, who was very excited about the music and jumped in to record the vocals. That collaboration resulted in the EP, Translucid. During the same recording sessions, they met guitarist Luke Cook, who joined the band soon after. Together they are forging their own musical path, unapologetically and unafraid.

Burning Trail – Over You

Burning Trail – Zayn – Pillowtalk (cover)

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