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Burning Desire

burning desire

Hi there guys! We’re a metal hardcore band from North Carolina. Currently we have played at the Lincoln theater and gone to the studio a few times. Check us out! Burning Desire is about not only making a positive impact on other people’s lives it’s also about life in general and that no matter what comes your way you can get past it.playing music has been my personal dream since I was a little kid at around 8 or so. I’ve been playing guitar and drums most of my life now and been doing vocals since 2013. Made around 50 songs since I started playing guitar in 2009 and I started playing drums in 2008. On most of the recordings I’ve done everything. Songs that I’ve done all myself include Without A Trace and Welcome To Oblivion. Being a fan of old school bands like Metallica,breaking Benjamin,disturbed,jimmy Hendrix,pink Floyd,asking Alexandria,and harder bands like slipknot,suicide silence,killswitch engage,impending doom,and a lot more.a t first Burning Desire consisted of myself,benjamin and chris for the first year,then we parted ways with chris due to his other hobbies he wanted to do. Shortly after that happened we found new members for a few months Josh, and Brandon but due to our indifference we parted ways with them and so did Benjamin. As of right now I am doing Burning Desire as my own band project.


Burning Desire – Welcome To Oblivion

Burning Desire – Without A Trace

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