Bullets & Bourbon

Bullets & Bourbon

Bullets & Bourbon

With blues and soul at their foundations, Bullets & Bourbon perform a high octane cocktail of roots-based gritty blues, rock and classic soul & motown:- with influences and flavours stretching further field from all sides of the musical spectrum. From blues, funk and indie to metal, rock and even EDM our influences and tastes combine to produce a unique take on our cover songs as well as our own original material.

Bullets & Bourbon were born out of North Manchester, England in 2012 through a chance meeting between blues lovers Dean Lloyd and Matt Johnson. Soon band members Shaun Hobbs, Liam Ward, Andrew Taylor and Jack Campion were recruited and a band formed gaining a solid reputation for their live performances in and around the pub scene of Bolton and Bury.

As some members moved on, Dean and Shaun stayed the course recruiting a new line up to build upon the foundations laid by those who left. Anton Hutchinson arrived in 2014 while Andrea Pruck was recruited on drums in early 2015 and later that year Ben Hesketh filtered into the mix.

The current incarnation of Bullets & Bourbon continue to play regular gigs in pubs, bars, events & festivals including appearances at Bolton Food Festival and Castlefield Food & Drink Festival as well as supporting The Pat McManus Band during their tour in Manchester.

In 2016 “The Bullets” keep gaining momentum, enjoying continued acclaim following regular gigs at venues old and new around the North West, while also recording and producing their own tracks, leading to air-play across the Atlantic on radio in the United States.

Bullets & BourBon

Dean Lloyd – Vocals/Harmonica
Shaun Hobbs – Bass
Anton Hutchinson – Guitar
Andrea Pruck – Drums
Ben Hesketh – Piano

Bullets & Bourbon – Backyard Woman

Bullets & Bourbon – Tore Down

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