Together with Josse de Maesschalk(aka WAANZIN), BufferState has now released their first music video.

The song is an archetype of the band’s very particular, uncompromising sound.

The lyrical theme is aggressive at first sight, very militaristic and us-versus-them. Having most fun when being creative, the story has been rewritten from scratch to the same theme for this video. Still, the images of the video match the feeling of the original lyrics and, of course, the flow of the song.

 BufferState is extremely proud of this cooperation with the up-and-coming movie talent of Josse de Maesschalk(aka WAANZIN). Creativity, community, engaging with other artists, that’s what it’s about for this band. And of course, doing that forcefully.

“Archean”, like all the band’s music, was released with a free (libre) license (CC), and so is available to download for free on bandcamp, but is also available on the likes of Spotify and iTunes. //Peter Glas

Freebooters on stellar intercourse between post, grunge and metal. In this chaos of colliding forces you’ll feel a weirding calm one moment, jacking thrust the next. They are coming. To release their first load of songs all over you.

BufferState is:

Jan Moerman – Drums
Geert Van Der Plas – Bass
Sander Vergote – Guitar
Peter Glas – Vocals / Guitar

BufferState – Archean

BufferState – Andromeda live

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Band/Artist location – Ghent Belgium
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