Buddy Won’t Tell

Buddy Won’t Tell

Buddy Won’t Tell Pushes The Dividing Lines of Pop

With a powerful new EP release, Buddy Won’t Tell shows a terrific and tasteful freedom for indie pop artists and songwriters. Bending genre’s progressively together and sometimes into other genre’s all in all, some of these songs make you take a step back, think on it for a minute, and then play it again. An example of a song like this is the EP’s single, “My Small Love”. A song that  literally rebirths into another seems like something that could be quite difficult to pull off. “My Small Love” absolutely pulls it off without a hitch. Even with the single, a massive line in the sand  gets erased as the record reaches into folk songs, and even emotionally moving ballads. The EP is titled “But God I Love The Game” and is streaming everywhere you go to get your musical fix. Saying it’s worth a listen would be an understatement. 

Here is what the songwriter had to say about the release: 

“I feel like in every one of my songs, I’m searching for something. Ya know that moment where you replay a conversation in your head, or you play out a hypothetical argument and you get to say everything you want or wanted to say? I like to use my lyrics to explore or expose those words, and find out what it is I’m really trying to say. This record is eclectic. I’ve always had a fear of complacency or repetition and this song is just as experimental as the rest of the EP”

Buddy Won’t Tell – My Small Love

Buddy Won’t Tell – I Will Lay Me Down

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