Bryan Robinson

Bryan Robinson

At 13 years old I was on stage at school, playing Bach’s lute suite number one. Suddenly, my mind went blank. Fortunately, I managed to improvise a rapid ending and finish it. Most of the punters weren’t Bach fans and appeared not to notice, the rest were far too polite to say that I’d screwed up. I love Bach’s music and still regularly enjoy screwing it up…in private. 

 After learning to play so many extended jazz chords at college, I found it impossible to play a ‘humble’ G chord…for years. I’ve fully recovered now though.

 I once tried to teach my father the guitar. He was a willing student, but his hands were just too big, like shovels; his father had been a platelayer on the railways and a part time, bare-knuckle boxer. Fretting a single string just wasn’t possible. But, he could easily open any jar lid, no matter how tight…

 I currently own about 20 guitars – but, they’re all very different…OK!?

 The first solo concert I ever did on guitar was for my grandad, when I was 10 years old. I played ‘Apache’ by the shadows on my cheap old electric guitar through a Zenta amplifier. When I finished he said – ‘mmm, I suppose you want some pocket money now’. I’ve been thrilling audiences ever since… 

 Ed Bickert, the wonderful jazz guitarist was once spotted feeling the weight of guitar amps in a music shop, uttering, “I don’t like the sound of that one”…at the heavy ones. 

 My father (who was in the audience at the time) shook his huge fist at me at a gig once, because I was clowning around on stage with my brother Stephen…He gave up the guitar soon after, but remained an entertainer for the rest of his life… 

 I joined my first proper band when I was 13. The rest of the members were much older than me, but they gladly took me to gigs, where people drank a lot and smoked cannabis. I’d dreamed of being a tree surgeon before I joined them…I wanted to be a tree ‘hugger’ after.

 I took and passed grade 8 on the classical guitar within 18 months of taking it up; sadly, it made me really lazy with practising the guitar…


Bryan Robinson – A Place To Hide

Bryan Robinson – Comfortable Silence

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