Bruno Merz

Bruno Merz

Singer-songwriter Bruno Merz will release the single ‘Breathe Less’ on November 8, following his latest single ‘Whisper Turn’. Both tracks will appear on the album ‘Whisper Turn’, which is expected for release in early 2018.
“I did a tour of the UK last year with my dear friend Reece Jacob. This was one of the songs he would sing every night opening for us. I fell in love with it and asked him if he would let me cover it. I was very happy when he said yes and hope I’ve done it justice! It’s a song I feel I can very much relate to after experiencing a similar traumatic break up many years ago,” says Bruno Merz. 
The music of Bruno Merz is an unaffected and pure representation of who he is. Influenced by Gillian Welch, Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens, Iron and Wine, Paul Simon, Julee Cruise, Ron Sexsmith, Gabriel Yared and Nick Drake, his lyrics communicate truths discovered through life’s gifts and tests. He inspires those who are lost to find what is missing, and to trust that it’s already there.
Born in New Zealand to Dutch parents, Bruno spent much of his childhood running wild in the bush, jumping out of classroom windows, and seeking adventure in his own imaginary world. His home was full of instruments and classical records, but he was most at home in the woods or by the sea. Teenage Bruno and his siblings were enthusiastic songwriters, forming bands with names that changed daily.
By the time he was twenty, Bruno had a degree in 2D animation, a large student debt, and a deep desire to see the world. With a cheap guitar on his back, he moved to France, where he worked on farms, yelling ‘allez mouton’ at the sheep, drinking wine in the sunshine and contemplating his own existence.  He earned just enough to make his way to Holland, where he knew the language and also had a few distant family friends.
Broke, lost, and alone, Bruno wandered the streets of Amsterdam, counting pennies for food, at times not knowing where he’d sleep at night. This experience inspired ‘Nine Sixteen’, the first song that would eventually make its way onto his debut album ‘Departing from Crowds’, a collection from his rambling days in Holland – a period of desperation and healing. He found work in animation and illustration in Amsterdam, as well as the first love of his life… and eventually his first heartbreak too.
Bruno spends his days writing and recording songs. His popularity has grown worldwide following the success of his 2014 debut album ‘Highways’ with the single “Emmeline” played millions of times on Spotify in the months following the release at over 300,000 listeners per month. Since then, he has also written a classical score for the Northern Ballet’s production ‘Tortoise and the Hare’, which toured the UK and was televised by the BBC.  
Bruno recently moved to Canada, where his ballerina wife is originally from. Certainly far from the guitar-toting twenty-something he was, lost in Amsterdam so many years ago, he still carries a deep trust in the universe, strength in his soul, and a need to promote peace and healing through his songs, connecting with what is ‘simple’ in an otherwise complicated world.
‘Breathe Less’ will be available through the typical music platforms, but can already be found on Bruno Merz’s Bandcamp page.

Bruno Merz – Whisper Turn

Bruno Merz – Breathe Less

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