After the incredible start with their debut album ‘MY DARKEST HOUR’ in 2011 the band got a huge setback. Some former members left the band, but the hope of the remaining members was big enough to form a new lineup. Broach sounds better than ever and with their new studio album ‘Fall to Rise’ they can definetly prove that.
If you ask the band members, which influences they have, you instantly realize in which genre they belong: They listen to bands like Nickelback, Creed, Alter Bridge and Godsmack.

Ear-catching songs, powerful drums, fat bass and hard guitar riffs, combined with the unique voice of leadsinger Andreas Kofler, thats what defines Broach. Together on stage, the five members of the band are tremendous.

The shows of Broach start powerful, songs like ‘Monster’, ‘Awake’ or ‘So Close’ are pushing their viewers to the limit. But you can also hear beautiful ballads like ‘Open my Eyes’, ‘Broken’ or ‘Finally’. The musical range is quite big and that is why Broach is liked by all kind of listeners, be it a metal-fan or a pop-rock-fan.

The second studio album was finished in 2015. The development of the band is definetly remarkable. ‘FALL TO RISE’ sounds more mature than ‘MY DARKEST HOUR’ and offers a powerful, modern, alternative rock sound.

The band members want to carry on from where they once were, and try to reach their breakthrough in the rock scene.

WE ARE BROACH: Andreas Kofler (voc.), Stefan Haider (bass), Jakob Winkler (guit.), Wolfgang Thomas (guit.), Julian Wittek (drum)

Broach – Turn Back

Broach – I Won’t Surrender

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