Brion Starr

Brion Starr


The ringleader of New York City’s coolest music experiment.” i-D MAGAZINE

 For fans of Roxy Music, David Bowie, Wooze…

NEW SINGLE ‘The Heart Is A Loaded Gun’

Brion Starr is a singer, artist, and actor based in what remains of New York City. Having been shuffled around throughout early life, if there is any place at all STARR considers home, it is this ever changing megapolis.

 Although secure in this sanctuary, STARR operates internationally having recently completed the recording of debut solo album ‘Global Identity’ over the course of three months at Konk Studios (home of childhood musical heroes, The Kinks) in the remote hamlet of Hornsey in North London away from the incessant chatter of USA. These three months felt like an extended dream having previously spent the last year and a half touring the world with The Noh Starrs after releasing their eponymous album via Modern Sky in 2017.

 Through the demand of this touring, STARR pushed the boundaries of what has come to be known as his extraordinary band. A constantly revolving and evolving line-up, originally an intentional aspect of the band inspired by free-minded individuals such as Damo Suzuki, had sometimes beautiful and often cacophonous results. The band were widely panned as a disaster live; a mix of drug abuse, paranoia, and line-up changes eventually spun out of control in what STARR considers the most beautiful yet chaotic show to date at Tokyo’s infamous Ruby Room where one guitarist quit just hours before set time yet the band were still lauded for their performance and cheered back on stage for not one, but two encores. This led to a concentration of efforts, the focus to record a solo album, and refining process of the revolving band concept.

 STARR has been rightfully pinned as ‘The ringleader of New York City’s coolest music experiment’ by i-D magazine, this sentiment holds true on latest effort ‘Global Identity’. Along with former bandmates Robbie Wood and Lida Fox, STARR follows the experimental drone and psych-rock elements of their debut album to the logical extent expanding vocally to form a full-fledged rock and roll album while maintaining curiosities by bordering cut-up pop structures with free-jazz/skronk contributions by Matt McAuley of NYC stalwart outfits TV Baby/A.R.E. Weapons on saxophone. STARR then explores musique concrète loop based tape compositions and ambient meditative reflections on the latter half of the album with harpist Marilu Donovan as well as childhood friends Tanmay Buch and Greg Cook on tabla and tape loops respectively, forming a lush listening experience in the tradition of the long-playing album.

 BRION STARR is currently touring alongside The Chills with more solo shows to be announced…

Brion Starr – Wonderful

Brion Starr – Oh Please

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