The Bridge – Live and Mirrors (Blu-ray/CD)

The Bridge – Live and Mirrors (Blu-ray/CD)

Track List: (CD/Bluray)

  1. Intro Mars – To Beyond
  2. Overture 1
  3. A New Day
  4. Overture 2
  5. Wasted Life
  6. World of Men (plus Reflexion)
  7. Lies and Mirrors
  8. Selfish Mind
  9. The Bridge – Outro

Track 4, 5 and 8 previously unreleased

Total time: 01:09:21

Recorded Live at MiBar, Santiago Chile – December 22, 2017

The Bridge – Live and Mirrors (Blu-ray/CD Trailer 1)

This March we have a treat in store for us. For the very first time on Blu-ray Chilean prog rock torch bearers The Bridge bring us a superb show highlighting their craft, their many talents and their professionalism. Live and Mirrors is a wonderful Testament to a band  that many people are talking about worldwide.

The set list contains all of the Debut album, plus three new tracks (Overture 2, Wasted Life and Selfish Mind) in front of an eagerly expectant crowd at MiBar Santiago back in December last year, The band enter the arena to the pumping symphony of Mars and then begin the proceedings with the gentle ebb and flow of  To Beyond as the waves flow beautifully in the background. We are then lead to Overture 1 and the music becomes a lot more progressive. Guitarists Gonzalo Pavez and Francisco Soto interweave some beautifully complicated playing as bassist Luis Castillo keeps it all together with an intricacy that is a joy to watch. A New Day follows and the band relax a little as vocalist/keyboardist Jeff Michell reveals the story to the concept of the must have Debut album. The album’s acoustic number South Wind is replaced here by the dark and heavier Overture 2 and I feel that this improves on the music as a whole. I must comment that drummer Alex Labraña is brilliant here as he takes charge of all the tempo changes with ease. Again we have some tricky playing from all as we are taken on a superb ride along with this new song. Wasted Life is simply stunning, a magical track that is so well written and played even better. Wasted Life fits in perfectly here and is by far the best of the new track on show here.

Back to familiar territory and the popular single World of Men with it’s aggressive attack feeling so much more edgy performed live. PLAY IT LOUD GUYS!!! then we have the acoustic Reflexion  and it’s a welcome tempo change. The hard hitting heaviness of Lies and Mirrors grabs the viewer as vocalist Jeff Michell demands to know WHO AM I??  The whole band explode into the end of the track and play out of their skins.

Selfish Mind keeps the pace going and the new track is awesome. It’s a little more commercial than The Bridge’s other work, and I feel that the chorus will be shouted out by many a sweaty concert goer for years to come. The riffs are incredible, very, very dark……this is really good.

The epic The Bridge is by all means the star of the show and I can think of no other track to end on. After the well deserved band introductions the masterpiece from the Debut album is upon us. Coming in at nearly 20 minutes and echoing Rush amongst others in it’s tranquil beauty, The Bridge appears to improve with every play and listen. What a joy it is to be able to see this performed live. Once again, the whole band excel as they hold the reins of this complex track through its many time changes and movements. Outstanding! Well worth buying the disc for this track alone.

Live and Mirrors reveal a band that are enjoying what they are doing. The onstage vibe is obvious and it really comes across in the playing. With the three new songs it certainly seems that after the solid foundation of the Debut LP the future for The Bridge looks like it will go from strength to strength.

The Bridge – Live and Mirrors (Blu-ray/CD Trailer 2)


The Band:
Gonzalo Pavez : Guitar
Luis Castillo: Bass
Francisco Soto: Guitar
Alex Labraña : Drums, Backing Vocals
Jeff Michell : Vocals, Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar

Sound Tech – Elias Zapata, Isaías Higuera / Video Edition – Gary Molina/ Video Crew – Johana Martinez, Paula Segovia / Live Photography – Sebastián Domínguez / Audio Mix and Mastering – Jeff Michell

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