Break Me Down

Break Me Down
Lose Your Mind

After the release of the first single See Me Fall with Veronica Driven on vocals, Break Me Down present Lose Your Mind, a new track with a fast-paced rhythm, big guitars, and captivating vocals

Veronica, frontwoman of the band, says: “We all grew up with a happy ending: the prince who saves the princess from the evil witch or the evil queen. Many beautiful fairy tales have been written and many wonderful cartoons and films have been shot. But those stories are not true! We know very well that real life is not a fairy tale and there is rarely a happy ending. In a nutshell: in reality, the bad guys win. The whole process of writing our new songs started from this perspective. We wanted to give a voice to the villains of fairy tales and tell their stories, and their feelings. It is not true that we are only good or only bad. It depends on the situations we live in and which we are forced to face. Because in real life, when we are wronged, each of us can become bad and feel the desire to do evil, to take revenge. In these songs, our bad side wins ”.

Tommy, bassist of the group, regarding the concept: “When we got together to write the lyrics and think about the contents of the songs, we asked ourselves: how many times in real life have we faced situations like this where everyone does their own interests regardless of the damage that can it provoke to others? It is precisely this question that influenced the writing of this song. Fairy tales do not totally deviate from real life but take inspiration from it. We did the reverse process, giving a “real” conclusion to what we want to end well in the fantasy”, Fabio, the drummer, adds:” in fact, the Queen’s heart is filled with hatred and resentment, sensations that we have all experienced at least once. However, hers are poured out against Alice who, not fully understanding her, unleashes loneliness and abandonment in her, and as happens to a normal person, Iracebeth reacts but in her case, being a sovereign, gives vent to all her folly”.

Here is Lose Your Mind… let yourself be enchanted by the Red Queen!

Iracebeth is a capricious, sadistic, angry, self-centered, and insane queen.

However, she wears a red veil that covers almost her entire body, to hide from the judgment of others.

During her childhood, she was teased by other children for her clumsy and funny appearance, and although her features have changed over the years, she still prefers to cover her body and face.

She demonstrates her madness with magnetic, sinuous, and deadly movements; during the dance she condemns her victims by entering their minds, possessing them, and marking them with her favorite color: blood red.

It does not tolerate anything that is white and represents purity.

Alice represents everything she hates, candor, innocence, purity, and beauty.

He does not accept his presence in his kingdom and with a lethal waltz, Alice falls victim to Iracebeth.

Break Me Down is an Alternative Metal band founded in Milan in 2017. Their songs’ energy and beauty release a powerful emotion that explodes during their live performances. Among many shows all over their country, there are some important opening acts for international artists like Crazy Town, Joe Stump’s Tower of Babel, Vinnie Moore, and Lacuna Coil. They released their first EP Resilience in January 2018, which contains three unedited songs written and produced by the band, then recorded and mixed by Matteo Magni at Magnitude Studio. In October 2019 Break Me Down released his first LP The Pond which contains eleven unedited songs written and produced by the band. In March 2020 there is an important lineup change: the new singer is Veronica Driven, a super talented old friend with a great desire to work and emerge. After a period of forced interruption from lives due to Covid, the group returned on stage in July 2021 with a SOLD OUT night at the Legend Club in Milan which inaugurated the new concert season. In April 2022 the band released See Me Fall, the first single with Veronica Driven at the mic, which marked a change of style for BMD, their music became harder but without giving up the melodic character that distinguishes them. In a few weeks, the song became the band’s most listened to ever on Spotify. The innovative official video on YouTube offers an interactive ending: it allows the viewer to choose the ending of the story.

The current line-up features Veronica Driven on vocals, Laerte Ungaro on guitar, Tommy Manza on bass, and Fabio Benedan on drums.

BREAK ME DOWN – Lose Your Mind


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