Bootlace – ‘Portrait’

(Released 1st March 2022)

For anyone with even a passing interest in Scotland’s indie scene, Dundee-born, Edinburgh-raised BOOTlace should be more than familiar. Having spent the last several years turning industry heads both across their native Scotland and further afield, it’s clear that the five-piece are doing something right.

With a smattering of well received singles and sold out shows almost from the outset, BOOTlace have successfully tapped into a rich vein of Scottish musical heritage, bringing to mind bands such as Frightened Rabbit instantly.

Funded by a project run by BBC’s Vic Galloway, the band’s latest single, ‘Portrait’, is arguably their richest and most expansive to date. Four and a half minutes of lilting indie-rock, it encapsulates the essence of the band’s previous singles, whilst managing to push things forward perfectly.

“This track was our first fully collaborative effort. Having had so much time to work on music independently, it all fell together in a second” the band explain. “It’s inspired by Robert’s mum, and beyond that it becomes about the tragedy and frustration of English patriotism in a small town setting, something that undoubtedly bled through from the collaborative writing of Joseph and Ben.”

Indeed, while previous singles still succeeded in elevating BOOTlace high above many of their contemporaries, this more collaborative way of working will undoubtedly push them to the next stage of their career, and ‘Portrait’ is that very first step.

BOOTlace are:

–              Joseph Young – Frontman
–              Ben Thom – lead guitar
–              Gideon Leibowitz – drums
–              Robert Tingle – bass
–              Archie Lochhead – keys and guitar

BOOTlace – The Long Way Home

BOOTlace – The Last Hurrah

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