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Book Of Wyrms


Stoner/doom metal band BOOK OF WYRMS have just released a trippy new video for their track “Blacklight Warpriest” via Ghost Cult Magazine. The track is taken from their recently released album Remythologizer.

Watch the video here:

Fans of Hawkwind, Uriah Heep, and any kind of synth-drenched stoner jams will be glad to hear of Book of Wyrms’ upcoming release, Remythologizer.  Coming out this summer via Twin Earth Records, the Virginia outfit’s sophomore album will take listeners on a winding ride to outer space.

Stream the lead single, “Spirit Drifter,” here:

About Book of Wyrms

 On New Year’s Day, 2017, Americans everywhere stumbled out of each other’s beds to the surprise release of Book of Wyrms’ first full-length, Sci-Fi/Fantasy. The record received even more positive attention and helped the band get shows around the East Coast, New England, the South, and the Midwest. Their second full-length, Remythologizer, comes out in Summer 2019. “Spirit Drifter,” first single from the new record, was made streamable on April 3rd, 2019 to promote the record.

The band will debut their track “Blacklight Warpriest” on the 26th via Stoner Witch Radio. Pre-orders will also begin that day via Bandcamp.


Sarah Moore-Lindsey: Vocals and synthesizers
Kyle Lewis: Guitar
Chris DeHaven: Drums
Jay Lindsey: Bass



Demo – 2015

Sci-Fi/Fantasy – 2017 (Twin Earth)

Remythologizer – 2019 (Twin Earth)

Book Of Wyrms – Blacklight Warpriest

Book Of Wyrms – Spirit Drifter

Book Of Wyrms – Leatherwing Bat

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Band location – Richmond Virginia

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