Putting out the first proper single after a ‘soft release’ debut earlier in the year, Brighton’s BluesMundi have already won plaudits and fans from both expected and unlikely places. 

 Released via Corsair Records (who 6Music call “one of the UK’s most consistent labels”) the track narrates a journey around south London and highlights why every great city in the world is made up of two distinct parts. 

 The video is directed by Michael Horsham of Tomato (whose client list includes Levi’s, Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola AND Pepsi, The European Commission and the United Nations!)

 Speaking of the track David AKA BluesMundi says: “It’s about how the London I grew up in is still there, it’s just hidden under a kind of reflective sheen in the same way the new skyscrapers reflect the sun and hide their interiors, or how hundred year old bits of the underground and 21st century tech merge into each other.  It’s also about the way north and south of the river are like two different cities that just happen to exist side by side.”

 BluesMundi takes The Blues as a starting point by going right back to the beginnings of the genre, using acoustic guitars, vocals and little else. “Jimi Hendrix said The Blues was a feeling, not a technique, and that’s something which seems to have got buried under years of a million notes a minute guitar solos,” David explains. “With these songs it’s like taking a forgotten blueprint and updating  it to run on 21st Century words and themes.” 

 The result is a uniquely contemporary British AltBlues with an indie sensibility that sets it apart from anything else that is happening right now. 

This is The Blues with a 21st Century twist,  a raw, ragged, heartfelt, melancholy and yet often joyous indie/AltBlues from the UK

 Reclaiming the genre in a similar but very different way to the White Stripes, BluesMundi offers a contemporary acoustic blues soundtrack to current events  and the modern world we all live in – calling to mind an older, grizzled Alex Turner  on ‘BluesMundi’s Lament’ as much as he does Peter Green’s original Fleetwood Mac  with ‘Red Bill Blues’.

 BluesMundi sings about ride hailing, paying bills with Bitcoin, having a chip under your skin to get on a train and the joys of disconnecting from a network to talk face-to-face. It is far away from the technique-led slick production MOR styles that mostly pass for The Blues these days, reaching out to the acoustic based roots of the genre in an almost DIY ‘punk ethic’ way.

  The debut album ’21st Century Lambeth Blues’ will be released this summer

 Some of the material was recorded by way of a homage to the legendary American field recordings from the early 1900’s but using portable equipment of our day, namely LG Q8 smartphones capable of capturing studio-quality audio in 24-bit / 192 kHz lossless, before being mixed and mastered in high end studios.

 As well as the originators such as Charlie Patton, Mississippi John Hurt and the legendary Robert Johnson, BluesMundi is both inspired by and in thrall to British blues artists of the 60s.

BluesMundi – South of the River

BluesMundi – Red Bill Blues

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