New single Talk Talk Talk
Out Jan 20th

“We’re living on our phones
in a digital world that’s
disconnecting us. There’s a
lot more talking, but people
are saying a lot less.”

Bloomr are an American alt rock band whose quiet/loud, sarcastic/sincere and sweet/sour indie fuzz tells a complicated story with a simple truth. Based in Baltimore, Bloomr channel noisy punk energy into their plaintive melodies and warm guitars with a mission to help people find joy in knowing that we are all unconditionally linked in this life.

“A brilliant album from Baltimore’s own Bloomr, ‘Gemini’ is an artful blend of alt-rock and fuzzy grunge that hits the mark time and time again.” – Broken 8 Records

“The listener is graciously enchanted by the song’s vibrant tapestry of fuzz-embedded guitars.” –

Songwriter and frontman Brian Scott grew up in a house that had oldies like Motown, The Beatles and The Beach Boys playing on the magnavox console all the time. His older sister introduced him to INXS, U2, The Police, Midnite Oil and The Violent Femmes, and took him to see The Cure as his first ever concert. Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, Run DMC and then the grunge movement hit him later like a pedestrian getting run over in a crosswalk.

Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins made Scott want to play guitar and make his own music. A fascination with great songs, the energy of punk, great production and interesting mixes was born and he went out looking for a band as soon as he knew two chords.

Tons of songs, rehearsals and wayward bands eventually turned into Fall Back Plan, a band that toured nationally and appeared on MTV, propelling Brian to Nashville to explore the industry.

Brian’s songwriting became Bloomr. “When I started Bloomr, I chose the name as I’ve often been a late bloomer in my life. The fact that I played in bands for a long time but never tried to sing, only to find later on that being a singer/songwriter is what I’ve been all along. I just needed to bloom.

I am going to make and share my music until I can’t. I have to write to get ideas out of my head. It’s unreal… sometimes I write 3 songs in a couple of days. And I’m always in my home recording studio working on stuff.”

Brian is joined on stage by Kamari (bass), Steve Webb (guitar) and John Dahlgren (drums) and when they connect as Bloomr, the sound is perfect for fans of Weezer, Pavement , REM, Oasis, Guided by Voices. Pete Yorn, The Lemonheads, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Superdrag and Tom Petty.

“Unique and gritty, authentic and memorable, stylistic and emotive” – Wokechimp

Bloomr – Talk Talk Talk

Bloomr – Landlocked

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