Blitz Union

“Many people have expressed their views on plastics and the problems associated with them, with their overproduction. But no one cares how it is the other way around. What do plastics think of people….?

My fate is service, was filled so fast, you used me once, thrown away like trash…”

Blitz Union’s new single “PLASTIC” is online now on YouTube and other streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music etc

BLITZ UNION is a new visionary music project and creative force that combines infectious EDM elements with electrifying Rock and Roll. 

Blitz Union’s message is poignant – as their lyrics highlight alarming issues that humanity faces in today’s uncertain world along with a sense of urgency, whilst providing hope and inspiration! 

Blitz Union features a creative power force that consists of Mark Blitz, Schtorm, Governor and Shodushi and collectively they aim to recruit fans worldwide, empowering their message, creating positive social change and furthering their call to action. 

The band’s latest EP was recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles, forging a truly unique and global sound, however, Blitz Union doesn’t just create music—they create an experience, a movement and a natural union.

Together this Union shares a common message and belief, which is found in their indelible creed of “Spirit. Vision. Power. Desire. Action.”

Blitz Union – Plastic

Blitz Union – Money-Crazy World

Blitz Union – TV

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