Blast Bomb

Blast Bomb

An incendiary device as precise in its roar as it is feral in its instincts and attack, the uncompromising sound of Blast Bomb simply demands attention. Proof has already been full in the reactions to and support of the quintet s debut release and live presence and already beginning to escalate in anticipation of their upcoming new EP.

Hailing from Hamburg, Blast Bomb have exploded on ears and the rock music scene with their crossover ferocity bringing belligerent punk rock and dirt encrusted hard rock into one predacious and rousing incitement living up to their moniker. A year ago vocalist Johnny, guitarists Torben and Klaus, bassist Kai, and drummer Tobi made their live debut kicking off a busy and acclaim drawing year headed by debut EP, Born To Lose . The 3-track release soon drew eager praise and hungry ears for the band s voracious rock n roll, a proposition as emotionally fired as it is physically ravenous with an individuality which stands alone. Since then Blast Bomb has embraced further success and plaudits whilst sharing stages with the likes of Honeymoon Disease, Conan, Monolord, and El Colosso and supported Grumpynators at Berlin s world-famous Wild at Heart. ’

It has also been twelve months which has seen the band build upon the untamed yet skillfully nurtured sound of that first release. Evidence comes with its successor Burn History & Live Today which offers four songs that inimitably scowl while forcibly enticing involvement. Once more the earnest and emotive lyrical prowess of Johnny are at their heart, the tracks linked and inspired by his desire to leave the past behind in his homeland of England and start a new “Life, Love and Language” in Germany before Blast Bomb was born.

The band takes no prisoners with their music, guitars a ravenous and tenaciously enterprising trespass aligned to a sinful rhythmic dexterity easy to fear and be infested by. Recorded at No Moss Studio by Franz Schedlbauer, Burn History & Live Today is indisputable evidence of the growth, passion, and power in the Blast Bomb sound and their intent to leave the punk n roll scene reeling  and rolling.

Vocals: Johnny
Guitar: Torben
Guitar: Klaus
Bass: Kai
Drums: Tobi

Blast Bomb – Gambler

Blast Bomb – Maiden Hero

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Band location – Hamburg Germany

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