The inspiration for “Sun Explorers” is the stupidity and myopic nature of mankind. Human beings are racing towards extinction and ecological collapse because of our greed and pollution. These sun explorers represent how when men have the abilities to do great things, they inherently fuck it up and, in this case, fly directly into the sun. To sum it up, people are fucking dummies. We’re doomed.

The drums, bass and rhythm guitar for “Sun Explorers” were cut live off-the-floor, and immediately followed by vocals/lead guitar overdubs. It was all roughly mixed the same day, and revisited a week later once our ears had stopped bleeding. We didn’t want to get caught up being overly picky, and just let the song speak for itself. We think it speaks VOLUMES.

It covers all our bases – LOUD, FAST, ENERGETIC, and FIERCE!

 Check out our anthem for the apocalypse!

Drums & Lead Vocals : Caleb Moroz
Guitar & Back Up Vocals : Greg Preston
Bass & Back Up Vocals : Jon Daly

Blandlord – Sun Explorers

Blandlord – Dog Bite


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