Blake Red

Blake Red is an emerging alternative metal artist, but she’s not just a woman in a box, not easily labeled or defined by her heritage. She refuses to be held back by your expectations. She grew up miles away and decades apart from the Seattle and Los Angeles of the angst-filled 90s, but the singer/songwriter has the rebel spirit of her metal forefathers. Just as Alice in Chains and Tool scored a generation’s inner turmoil, Blake Red understands that pain and rage is universal. She understands that music is therapy. Her sound is power, drive, passion. Her story is peppered with anxiety, depression, and body image disorders. But her message is survival.

Blake Red has just finished recording and co-producing her upcoming debut EP alongside Grammy award-winning producer/engineer, Darryl Swann.

“Razorblade” is Blake Red’s second single to be released from her upcoming debut EP, centered around mental health awareness. The emotionally dynamic alternative-metal track bluntly illustrates the state of mind of a severely depressed individual, that leads them down a path of recklessness and self-sabotage to unfold throughout the remainder of the EP. 

Blake Red – Face It

Blake Red – Face It (Teaser Video)


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