BLACK SUN ΩΜΕGA – The Sum of All Fears

BLACK SUN ΩΜΕGA – The Sum of All Fears

BLACK SUN ΩMEGA –  “The Sum of All Fears” (self-released, 14 December 2019)

  1. Fightback
  2. Flowing Hate
  3. Ground of God
  4. The Score
  5. The Arena of Souls
  6. Start Your War
  7. The Whore of Babylon
  8. Down My Sight
  9. World’s Demise
  10. Inner Antichrist

Black Sun Omega is a new Greek metal band formed only in 2018. Before the end on 2019, they released their debut full length and first work in general under the name “The Sum of All Fears”. I had no idea what to expect, but I was sure that something nice was coming my way. You see, I have faith in the Greeks.

The album is a merciless attack of thrash mixed with groove and death metal parts. 10 songs of a bit less than 50 minutes make the deal. Black Sun Omega manage to give their perspective on how thrash should be played today.

After doing a hard work to earn the old school basics of Sepultura and Slayer, to perform them with ease and mix them in their style, they enriched this style with death metal passages ala Malevolent Creation and groove metal Machine Head heavy themes creating an own hybrid. Everything is wrapped up in a nice production which is just what the style needs it to be: aggressive and unpolished but clear.

Riff wise Black Sun Omega have a rich production. They produce several styles of riffwork and combine them in a nice songwriting. The bass is the spine of most of the songs with cool licks and nice performance. The drums are solid and offer fantasy wherever needed. The vocals although having a certain rough style, they are not raw and they appear slight differences from angry to aggressive. There is an overall sense of quality in them and a feeling of respect to the roots while totally being in the present.

In “The Sum of All Fears” there are song like “Fightback” and “Flowing Hate” where you can listen to their nasty thrash attack which is violent the one moment and heavy the next. In other tunes like “The Score” and “Start your War” there are various influences reminding bands like early Aftermath and Nuclear Assault in terms of a crossover death/thrash approach with punk attitude.

Nevertheless, “The Whore of Babylon” is a heavy metal anthem. This song made my standout track of the whole album from the very first listening. With a “Seasons in the Abyss” Slayer-ish riff, it drowned me deep in an esoteric quest. The song has an awesome feeling and shows the bands heavy face, a face I think they need to invest on.

To sum up, if you like extreme metal then “The Sum of All Fears” makes a nice choice for you. Black Sun Omega cover the distance between old school and modern extreme metal. They surely focus on thrash, but they are by no means one-sided. The album has enough open mindness and an own character. These facts show the band’s personality. I am sure Black Sun Omega is not a lightning in the dark. They have more to offer!

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