1. Did You Know
  2. Feels Like A Storm
  3. Loaded Gun
  4. The Sun
  5. Go Quite
  6. Wait For Wonders
  7. Drug
  8. Broken Wings
  9. Something’s Wrong

Henrik Thrane – Guitar/Lead Vocal
Lars “Animal” Olrik – Drums
Michael Gersdorff Kristensen – Bass/Vocal

Danish rockers BLACK INCOME are hitting the music industry hard with their new album “unSOUND”.

Influenced by the grunge-wave in the 90s, combined with elements from today’s Stoner Fuzz-Rock, BLACK INCOME may be inspired by other acts, but the unique sound and feel is their own.

Their debut album Noise Pollution was released 3 years ago and saw them tour Europe, playing festivals and supporting bands such as Exumer, Bullet and Tygers of Pan Tang. They have received over 1 million online streams. 

The current lineup (their strongest to date) was completed when in 2017 Grammy Award Winning Bass player, and longtime friend Michael Gersdorff joined the band. After some time in the studio, they are back and due to release their latest album ‘unSOUND’  on August 23rd via Tube IT Records.

Vocalist Henrik says about UnSOUND “The inspiration for unSOUND is everything around us. The band wanted to take on the unsafe and unsure structure of the world today, and it’s safe to say everybody has something to deal with; but with a world on fire and close to collapsing, things really get put into perspective, and a lot of decisions have to be made by the people of power”.  

unSOUND was recorded at Medley Studios, Copenhagen with Soren Andersen and also Tube IT Studios in Denmark where it was Produced, Mixed and Mastered by vocalist Henrik Thrane

The album opens with the riff driven “Did You Know” the band immediately display the stoner fuzz-rock that you were waiting for. Henrik Thrane’s perfect grunge like vocals attack you directly, what an opener. “Feels Like A Storm” has a refrain that reminds me of Chris Cornell’s Bond theme “You Know My Name” “Feels Like A Storm” is a head crashing masterpiece of rock. “Loaded Gun” highlights drummer Lars Olrik’s range, from steady rhythm with some delicate accents to thumping the hell out of his kit, always contained and always in control. “Loaded Gun” keeps growing on every listen.

“The Sun” is a slightly more commercial outing, still quite dark and forboding, but more of a ‘hit single’ sense to it. What I love about this band is the way that when you think a track needs to go somewhere, or needs that bit extra added to it, they deliver. Such is the case with “The Sun”, the section that begins around the 3 minute 30 mark is a wondrous change of direction that elevates “The Sun” to (pardon the pun) new heights. The chunkier “Go Quite” contains some artful vocal trickery used in the verses here which really works. The band pay homage to Sabbath near the end, giving those heads something to really shake to. “Wait For Wonders” seems to just throw itself at the listener in a frenzied attack of the ear drums. It starts off in a managed panic and then gets right in your face… Outstanding.

“Drug” has some rather intricate bass work from Michael Gersdorff Kristensen through it. I love the bass sound that he can get on this album, but on “Drug” he truly shows his ability to make those fingers bleed. The track itself rocks out in a strong display of modern grunge. “Broken Wings” again emphasises Henrik Thrane’s vocal talents, in fact I’d go as far as to say that the whole band is as tight as a crabs proverbial on “Drug” and play to the best of their talented abilities.

Final track, “Something’s Wrong” is the kind of track that will surely impress even the most traditional grunge fan out there. The swagger of the verses, the power of the chorus and the way that the track gets directed into an anger of emotions, make this the ‘must listen to’ track of this very excellent album.

Noise Pollution was a great album, but that was 3 years ago and in that time there has been a lot of growth, development and changes for BLACK INCOME. These changes have been for the better and with unSOUND the band can again be very proud of their release. They have an album that oozes class and demands that you listen. Each track is solid, each track delivers. unSOUND is one of those albums that gets played from beginning to end every time you put it on. 

If you are a fan of Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Queens Of The Stoneage, Tool , Soundgarden or Alice In Chains, then this is the 2019 album for you.

UnSOUND is due for release August 23rd and will be available on limited edition yellow vinyl and all major platforms.

Band/Artist location – Fredericia Denmark
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