Birds of Nazca

We are a French instrumental duo since 2019, we like fuzz and heavy sound. Our music sits somewhere between stoner rock, heavy psych and doom. Or as we call it : Doom’n’roll. This is the sound of doom and the energy of rock’n’roll !

Birds of Nazca are above all two music lovers who want to have fun. More simplicity for more efficiency. The guitar / drums duo formation fits perfectly with this desire and allows to keep the maximum spontaneity during the live shows. This is why the recording of the album was done live and without metronome.

Our first album « Birds of Nazca » , recorded last summer at the Blue Anvil Sound studio, was released on every streaming platform on 31 October 2020. To keep the maximum dynamic, we chose to compress the sound very little, so it’s at a rather high volume that the album is appreciated.

Birds of Nazca A fly in the helmet

Birds of Nazca – Cactus

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