Binary Creed

Binary Creed

From the icy plains of the northernmost parts of our world a 
technological tempest arises. A dark and relevant tale. A tenet of metal: the Binary Creed.

Binary Creed consists of Stefan Rådlund and Andreas Stoltz. Stefan has played in M.A.D, who released three CD’s, performed guest guitar in Satariel, plus he’s released his own albums as an accomplished lead guitarist. Andreas sang and played guitar in Hollow on their two Nuclear Blast albums and he can be heard as guest vocalist on two of Auberon’s albums. Both Stefan and Andreas are skilled live and studio musicians and the compositional work is a joint effort.

Andreas Stoltz – vocals, guitar
Stefan Rådlund – guitar
Peo Olofsson – keyboard
Robert Rasmussen Ahlenius-bass

Binary Creed – The Fallen King

Binary Creed – In a Time to Come

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Band location – Umea Sweden

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