Billy Vass – Alexander The Great

Billy Vass – Alexander The Great

BILLY VASS – single “Alexander The Great” (23 March 2020, Spider Music)

It’s a common truth that heavy metal has been musically associated with classical music and lyrically largely influenced by the legends, myths and ancient history of people and lands. But what if all this heavy metal legacy is put into an actual film score orchestration? The answer would probably be in “Alexander the Great”, the new single of Billy Vass.

The multitalented singer known from his works with Terra Incognita, with whom he has recently released an excellent George Dalaras cover, strikes back with another excellent follow-up song. His performance is unmistakably good. Billy Vass uses his power/progressive metal voice to narrate the legendary stories of Ancient Greece and the land of Macedonia with the king “Alexander The Great”. His tone is epic throughout the whole song, storytelling/narrative/spoken word at times, while he maintains a huge sensitivity depending on each and every word he speaks of. For Billy Vass it seems that every single word is fragile and needs a special treatment to be sung. His vocals are glorious and reach up to symphonic metal and epic metal standards and why not the tenor opera vocals. Influences can be heard from old Manowar, Blind Guardian and mid 80’s Iron Maiden to opera and film scores. Although this is not a heavy metal song, heavy metal aesthetics is still present. Billy’s vocals were recorded at Bob Katsionis’ Sound Symmetry Studio and I can assure you that there has been an excellent job done in bringing the epic feeling straightforward.

“Alexander The Great” single was inspired and composed by the multitalented Greek composer Kostas Gontikakis. With his strong previous music and composing experience (for those who don’t know it Kostas Gontikakis is a well known Cretan lyre player) he composed a classical/soundtrack opus here based on themes that could have made it to a film score. The powerful and imposing use of the instruments enhance the mythical dimensions of the composition providing the necessary space for Billy Vass to lay his vocals upon. 

Spider Music released the single and we are looking forward to this co-operation leading to a full length album that we assume it should be a must-buy release for both o.s.t./film score and epic/heavy/symphonic metal followers and collectors. Brilliant!

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