Release date: June 18th, 2021
Label: Seahorse Recordings
Distribution: Audioglobe / The Orchard
File under: Instrumental post-rock, trip hop, world
Produced by Tristan Martinelli

Authors: all tracks are registered in the name of David Gesen Carroll (SIAE n. 290427-00)

 TRACKLISTING: Neon (feat. Lori Sky) – 03:32 min / Tsuru – 04:25 min / 3+4 – 06:51 min / Neon (original version) – 06:07 min

Ayla means moonlight, and it’s a collection of our four lights put together to do something that we love
and that hopefully gives the listener some relief. 


Following their late 2020 debut album “Diamond Dust“, which attracted attention from post-rock fans worldwide, Genoa’s based Bilbosa are releasing on June 18th, 2021 their new EP “Ayla”.

The EP features three new songs, moving further towards contamination with jazz, experimental rhythmics and world music structures. As an assertion of their willingness to tear down boundaries, Bilbosa chosen to give to the song Neon the vocal treatment, something completely new to their sound.
The vocal version of Neon, released as single on June 03rd, was born out of the collaboration with Irish singer-songwriter Lori Sky, a longtime friend for the band, who contributes vocals, as well as lyrics.

Lori’s distinctive vocal irishness, fused into Bilbosa’s hypnotic electronics, makes the single sounding like an impossible joint venture between Dolores O’Riordan or Sinead O’Connor and Massive Attack.
As Diamond Dust, the EP has been recorded at Meganoidi’s Green Fog Studios in Genoa by Tristan Martinelli.

I saw the ‘Neon’ music as a bright light, like the love that a close relationship brings into your life. So I ended up writing this song to celebrate my Mum, who I had just lost. The music helped me to express what I was learning about grief, that when you allow yourself to feel the pain of loss you are more able to appreciate and understand the love. Lori Sky

Covid forced us to become more creative in how we collaborate with others. As a band, we wrote the music and then sent it to Lori Sky, an Irish singer-songwriter. Lori listened to the track and wrote lyrics to the song, which are very personal to her and yet, there are very universal themes here about love, loss and grief. David Carroll (Bilbosa)

Bilbosa started in Genoa in 2016, after their previous project “Chaos Del Signor Gaza” disbanded. The four remaining musicians spent much of their energies collaborating, jamming, and trying to find out what musical route to seek.

Finally, they decided to lock themselves in the recording studio in 2018, a choice that fostered the recording of their first official album, produced at Green Fog by Tristan Martinelli.

Diamond Dust, their first album released in September 2020 by Seahorse Recordings, is meant to summon a large range of emotions, from absolute happiness and joy to moments of sorrow, and despair.
Universal emotions that everyone experiences at multiple junctures of their lives.

The album is instrumental in its entirety; therefore, there are nor lyrics neither words that suggest to the listener how to openly feel or what to contemplate.

The auditor has full control and complete authority to be guided by his own instinct, emotions and images that form in his head listening to the musical pieces.

The experience is distilled from the tallest cold Chilean mountains, to the hottest sandy beaches in Borneo, through a sulfuric volcano of the Pacific rim, flying above the waters in Africa with a flock of flamingos, and watching the icebergs alongside the polar bears.

A declaration of love to Mother Earth in her virginity and variety. This music was conceived with the intention to lead the listenerthrough a travel around the globe, to amazing places we would love to explore, even when life forcefully tie us to our sofas.

Bilbosa – NEON (feat. Lori Sky)

Bilbosa – Ginkgo

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