Bibeau’s music and the band will be featured in the motion picture “Honor Amongst Men” (formerly “Dinosaur”) as well as on the motion picture soundtrack along with music by Joan Jett and Metallica. “Honor Amongst Men” is a dramatic thriller about a day in the life of a veteran police officer who is trying to juggle his turbulent home life, the daily stresses of his job, and the apparent and inevitable
biker war that’s about to engulf his hometown. Starring Robert Clohessy, Joan Jett, Edward Asner, Chuck Zito. Directed By: Fred Carpenter, Written By: Edward C. Wahl, Fred Carpenter. A music video for the Bibeau song, “Titanium White” (from the motion picture “Honor Amongst Men”) has been filmed which features the band performing along with clips from the motion picture.
Bibeau mystify listeners with atmospheric melodies over adventurously progressive, powerful dynamics that create an undeniably epic wall of sound that has become the Texans’ trademark.
Rounded out with a strong lineup of like minded, gifted musicians, Bibeau set out to create a unique progressive sound highlighting melody mixed with complex time signatures, rhythms and arrangements. Lead by a dual guitar approach with soulful, soaring vocals and a rhythm section willing to push the boundaries, Bibeau began to craft, record and perform their own material to a growing
legion of fans.
Bibeau can be best described as a musical bridge between the classic power metal
and classic rock from the ’70’s and ’80’s combined with the edge and attitude of today’s modern progressive metal. Hailing from East Texas, Bibeau manages to sound unlike anyone else around anywhere, mature, driven and poised for success with a purpose.
The video was directed by Justin Mosley at Dark Letter Entertainment. Justin, who directed all of the band’s music videos, including “Mark This”“Phantom of the Opera” and “Leeway”. He also wrote, produced and directed the film, “The Devil’s Deal”, which was recently released internationally through
Lionsgate Films. Along with “The Color Blue”video, Bibeau has four new videos in production including “Titanium White” (from the motion picture “Honor Amongst Men”), “Gris Gris”“End of Us, End of Time” and “A Brand New Shade.”
Justin Mosley explains the concept in a nutshell; “The Color Blue” is loosely inspired by the melancholy that arises from a relationships end and the dichotomy between the darkness and the seemingly desperate search for a return to splendor. When you watch the video, the red and blue will distinguish the two separate realities and the false sense of happiness that comes along as an attempt
to alleviate the depression through various means, represented by the box and the content within.”
Drew Theiring – Vocals
Chris Ray – Bass
Casey Boyd – Guitar
Robin Bibeau – Guitar
David Sweat – Drums
See Bibeau Live!
Sat, Sept 8th Twist of Lime in New Orleans, LA
Sat, Sept 22nd The Hideout in Dallas, TX
Fri, Sept 28 Coyotes in Shreveport, LA
Sat, Sept 29 Acadia in Houston, TX
Sat, Oct 6th Deadhorse in San Angelo, TX
Fri, Nov 30th Herb & Dees in Longview, TX

Bibeau – The Color Blue

Bibeau – Leeway

Bibeau – Titanium White

Bibeau – Mark This

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