Beyond The Grey – Insanity

Beyond The Grey – Insanity

  1. Insanity
  2. Grave Digger
  3. Counterfeit
  4. No More
  5. Overflow


Beyond The Grey is a Kansas City based Rock/Metal band. Made up of 5 members with years of experience in other bands…they have now been writing and recording together for close to two years. 

The office was lucky enough to get a copy of the EP ‘Insanity’ and what a cracking EP it is. I have given it quite a few listens now and can happily share my thoughts on it.

Starting off with the title track and some nifty fingered bass work from Jim McNeill we are soon drawn into a full-on attack of self destruction and doubt. This is a great rock track with echoes of Alice in Chains and Disturbed at their best. Slow starting ‘Grave Digger’ is next, again the bass is outstanding as this atmospheric track begins as an almost Southern Blues number that soon transforms into a face thumping rocker. I can imagine David Lingenfelter screaming “She was a Grave Digger” at several hundred excited and sweaty rockers for Grave Digger is a setlist must.

‘Counterfeit’ gives Kyle Baze the time to shine as this solid drummer treats us to some impressive playing with some very clever cymbal licks. The track is made that little bit more special by the way whole band channel their combined skills into a perfect four minutes of rock. ‘No More’ is another hard hitter with a superbly heavy middle break. I love John Alexander’s solo on this track. Final track ‘Overflow is stunning. The track begins in a very Alice in Chains way which soon changes into a Blue Oyster Cult like jam as John Alexander and Scott David Cameron ‘take it away’ for a minute or so only to return to good old Alice. It’s another admirable track that you have got to listen to.

‘Insanity’ is an EP that Beyond The Grey can be proud of. It is well produced, well written and gloriously played. There isn’t a bad second on it. Standout track for me has to be ‘Grave Digger’. Although the other four tracks are fighting for that position.

This is an EP that you simply must have, you must tell your friends about and you must play it. Beyond The Grey have done their bit, now it’s time for us to do ours.     

Pete Devine Dec 2017

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