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Better Than The Book

BETTER THAN THE BOOK Releases Sophomore Album “Hopes and Dreams”

Following the success of his 2016 debut LP “Two Years On”, UK-based ska-punk/pop-punk project Better Than The Book is preparing to release his sophomore full-length album, “Hopes and Dreams”. Many of the songs on the record focus heavily on the topic of following your dreams and overcoming the inevitable obstacles that you’re bound to face along the way, and tell various stories from frontman Nick Standing’s life and his experience chasing his own dreams.

“I think we all have hopes and dreams that we aspire to achieve as well as countless fears, worries and difficulties that try to hold us back from achieving them. This album aims to motivate people in the right direction as well as share some of my thoughts when it comes to my own hopes and dreams and fears. The album title also coincides with the final track of the album “Hopes and Dreams,” which is the climax and conclusion to all these themes brought forth during the earlier tracks in the album.”

While the album focuses a lot on the theme of staying true to yourself and pursuing your passions, variety exists within the lyrical content, as well as the overall moods that these songs portray to the listeners, ranging from more upbeat and fun tracks reminiscent of Better Than The Book’s earlier work, to more experimental ones that are nothing like what he has ever released before, and the lyrics and musicality complement each other throughout the record in this aspect.


  1. The Hardest Part
  2. Artificial Ignorance
  3. And I Fear
  4. Meteor Shower
  5. Brighton
  6. Get A Haircut
  7. (The Travelling To See Eva Song)
  8. GG
  9. You’ve Got A Lot To Say
  10. Hopes and Dreams

About Better Than The Book:

Better Than The Book is a ska-punk/skate-punk/pop-punk musical project by UK based multi-instrumentalist, producer and audio engineer, Nick Standing AKA Jabun.

Starting in mid 2012, Better Than The Book formed as a means of catharsis for difficulties in Nick’s life, as can be heard in many of the lyrics from his 2012 debut EP “One Small Step” and his 2016 debut LP “Two Years On,” as well as his upcoming sophomore album “Hopes and Dreams,” due to be released in the summer of 2019.

With the goal of getting people pumped up for living life to the full via high-energy instrumentals and honest relatable lyrics about Nick’s own experiences, Better Than The Book has been on a mission to create heartfelt anthems to inspire and help people know that they aren’t alone with their worries or the mental health problems they face. That along with various stories about life and living make up what it means to be Better Than The Book.

Better Than The Book – (The Travelling To See Eva Song)

Better Than The Book – Artificial Ignorance

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