Ben Granfelt

Ben Granfelt

BEN GRANFELT: The Finnish Blues Rock legend releases his current solo album “My Soul To You” incl. bonus tracks and further gimmicks on vinyl

After the successful CD release of the album “My Soul To You” by the Blues Rock icon BEN GRANFELT , the vinyl version has now also been released through A1 Records. Once again the Finn proves his extraordinary skills with powerful lyrics, captivating melodies and strong guitar themes. The doyen of the electric guitar, who celebrated for more than 34 years plenty of international successes with bands such as the Gringos Locos, Leningrad Cowboys, Wishbone Ash and Los Bastardos Finlandeses, delivers a fresh sound that comes from the bottom of his heart. With his precise guitar work, he proves once more throughout the entire playing time that he is able to create special moments with string and voice, which will stuck in your head. In addition, regular listeners await some personnel surprises on his 16th solo album. Thus, he has occupied his rhythm section with his long-time companions Masa Maijann and Okku Laru in a new way and thus further advanced his own development. Drummer and producer Okku Laru advised him to increase his standard equipment from a Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul with a Duesenberg, Gretsch and Paoletti each to five guitars in order to achieve more variety, which also worked audibly well. Whether its extensive sounds, rocking rhythms or first-class Blues solos, BEN GRANFELT manages to find the right tone. On the new album he expands his usual repertoire with several new guitars, which provide a slightly modified but all the more interesting sound, as well as the first-time use of guest singers. He is complemented twice by his wife Jasmine Wynants-Granfelt on the PJ Harvey cover “This Is Love” plus “Fuel To Burn” and is supported by Bryn Jones on the track “My Heroine”, both of whom enrich the songs with their significant voices on several levels. His surgically precise guitar playing, which at the same time takes plenty of time and space for atmosphere, coupled with his fine voice, is real ear candy, which will definitely earn him appreciation.

The 180 gram classic black vinyl edition in a top notch gatefold cover comes along with download codes including access to a half-hour live concert as well as the EPK is now available worldwide

The album is of course also available as CD and since a few weeks “My Soul To You” is out on all important streaming services and can be enjoyed digitally

If you want to get a live impression of BEN GRANFELT’s music, you should stop by one of the following tour dates in September and October 

14.09.2018 DE-Hamburg, Downtown Bluesclub
15.09.2018 DE-Bordesholm, Savoy
16.09.2018 DE-Petershagen, Haus Windheim No. 2
17.09.2018 DE-Dillingen/Saar, Lokschuppen
18.09.2018 DE-Köln, Yard Club
19.09.2018 DE-Göttingen, Apex
20.09.2018 DE-Gründau, Music N More
21.09.2018 DE-Wetter, Earth Music Hall
22.09.2018 DE-Salzgitter, Kniestedter Kirche
25.09.2018 CZ-Brno, Metro Music Bar
27.09.2018 SK-Dubravka, Rockcafé Bratislava
28.09.2018 HU-Budapest, BackStage Pub
29.09.2018 AT-Wien, Reigen
02.10.2018 DE-Eschweiler, Rio
06.10.2018 DE-Berlin, Die Kiste
01.04.2019 DE-Fritzlar, Kulturscheune
21.09.2019 DE-Ludwigsfelde, Klubhaus



Ben Granfelt – My Soul To You

Ben Granfelt – My Soul To You Album Preview

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