In the spirit of Norwegian black metal rises a mysterious new band, delivering odes to the darkness and cold of the frozen north. Emerging from obscurity to produce a five track debut album is Bekmork (Norwegian for ‘pitch black’). Their lyrical infuence is often strongly rooted in Scandanavian lore, with references to Viking legends and pagan gods, but can more broadly be interpreted as a nihilistic celebration of all which is darkness.

 Agressive, relentless, morbid, and haunting with unforgiving riffs and guttural howls, smothering all light. Bekmork is a two man band featuring Dread Count Naberius on vocals and guitars and Malevolent Berserker on drums and guitars. “Incantations of the Frigid North” will finally be released on CD in North America on April 26th 2019

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Dread Count Naberius : Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Malevolent Berserker: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

1. Six Daggers, One Axe
2.The Bells of Klippe Hule (Summon Forth the Mighty Wakon)
3.Of Hoof and Horn and Blood    
4.The Creed of the Nihilist (Alt Er Ingenting)    
5.When Loki Calls

Bekmork- Of Hoof and Horn and Blood

Bekmork – Six Daggers, One Axe


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