Before The Drop

Before The Drop

The sensitive music with ambient influences from Before the Drop meanders through a landscape with pastel colors as you often saw at the end of the last century. The melancholy lyrics of the post-indie band with musicians from Limburg and Drenthe are sung by Marlouk Basten (SAT2D) and Rob Dokter (ao Viberider). The double vocals following bands like Angus and Julia Stone complement each other seamlessly and reinforce the double feeling with which this band leaves you behind.

The dark wall of sound guitar sound of Rob Dokter and Maarten Righarts (including We Fall Slowly) betrays both American and British preferences from the beginning of this century. Supported by the rhythm tandem of Twan Bakker (Dreadlock Pussy) and Jan Joris Sportel (ao Gerhardt) the Drenthe peat and the Limburg hills are pushed to the limit.

With a joint CV covering all A-stages of the country and festivals such as Lowlands and Pinkpop, it is good in terms of experience of this band. Sometimes blood creeps where it can not go. And sometimes combinations of musicians arise that should not actually have happened

Rob Dokter – Guitars & vocals
Maarten Righarts – Guitars
Twan Bakker – Drums
Marlouk Basten – Vocals & Guitars
Jan Joris Sportel – Bass

Before The Drop – One Chance

Before The Drop – One Chance teaser

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Band location – Maastricht-Roermond-Emmen The Netherlands

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