Before Sunday – Anticipation

Before Sunday – Anticipation

BEFORE SUNDAY – album “Anticipation” (Rockshots Records, April 2020)

  1. Living in London
  2. Big House
  3. Unconditional
  4. Gone
  5. Closed Doors
  6. No Destination
  7. A Million People
  8. Obsessions
  9. Goddess Devil

Before Sunday is a pop-rock band founded in London, UK. In April 2020, the band released its debut album “Anticipation”. Since there is not much to say in the introductory segment, I will allow myself to dive right into the main subject.

The Trashmen may disagree but in the case of the “Anticipation” the only word is the word catchy. Before Sunday through their multi influenced-will talk about that soon enough, pop-rock sound, offer an absolutely catchy album full of dancing tunes and songs to sing along. Even only after a listen you start humming their refrains and their melodies and you play their tracks again and again in a vain effort to “unhook” yourself. Just a tip, you quite can’t. They don’t call it catchy for nothing after all.

Their debut is the very definition of a feel-good album. No matter how moody you are, the album is so vivid, vibrant and musically colorful that even from the first notes you will feel a rush of happiness. “Anticipation” forces you to dance, to move along with its rhythm and even though you may resist at first, soon or later you will give in.

Musically, the “Anticipation” is a chaos of influences. While I was listening to the album I started taking notes so I wouldn’t forget something. Half way through I gave up. It was pointless. If I wanted to write about every single thing I noticed, I would have to tear apart ever track and start writing for every verse, chorus or bridge in the record separately. So, I will try to paint for you a general picture that I am confident will convince you to listen to the record.

Before Sunday have no genre, they belong to their own custom made. The umbrella term might be pop-rock, but this doesn’t do any justice to their sound. Pop, rock, funk, R&B, edm, blues are all incorporated into an energetic sound via impressive musicianship. Artists like the Daft Punk, R.H.C.P, Sia and Pink will instantly come to mind while listening to the album.

An example of Before Sunday’s musical diversity is the closing track “Devil”. With a hard rock intro riff that crashes out of nowhere the song moves into an ambient, subtractive verse, leading to an extremely vibrant, catchy chorus and to a fired up rock bridge, finally ending with as it started. The track “Closed Doors”, combines a sad, quite dark theme with a happy music, creating a beautiful contrast.

There is nothing much more to say about the Before Sunday’s debut rather than it is a great example of excellent musicianship and artistic vision. The “Anticipation” tears down the genre borders and offers music that can be enjoyed by every music fan.

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