Befell – Solitude (2021)

For fans of Trivium, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, At the Gates, In Flames

EP Title: Solitude
Release Date:  May 20, 2021
Label: Self-Release
Distribution: Distrokid

“Solitude is where the band is starting to shape their sound while maintaining some experimentation. The Uproot demo was less refined lyrically and musically, but the band decided that now is the time we up everything. With killer mixing done by Nick Davis at SoundShop Studios, the band allows themselves to come across as the force they are. We wanted to go darker on this EP. Other than maybe a few choruses, this record was heavily inspired to create an atmosphere while still remaining in your face. Even most of the melodies and catchy parts are still darker sounding than what we’ve done before… There are some really awesome riffs that are almost hidden because the vocal melodies take charge. The riffs, solos, and especially the rhythm section with the bass and drums perfectly serve while being top-notch.  We can’t wait to play this live, the most important thing is we always write with the thought of “how cool would this be in a show context?” somewhere in the back of our heads.  Many of these riffs and buildups are meant to tear down a venue.  We are so proud of this and we hope you find as much enjoyment in it as we do hearing our hard work coming back at us!” – Befell


The EP as a whole:

As a whole, the EP reflects our current spots of having ambitions with no limits, but still being at the ground level.  The idea of us learning life lessons in the music business as well as in daily life reflects in the lyrics of us just being everyday people still.  Musically, it is a dark and heavy journey with so many dynamic moments across only four songs that it really shows growth and a sense of musical maturity, yet songs that are made for live and moshpits.

Track by Track Explained:

1) Ticks is the opener and the closest to straight-up thrash. It is the most aggressive and anger we get, but the use of dynamics is very heavy to make each heavy part sound even heavier and give the listener the ability to take everything in.  As for lyrics, this song is about the parasitic people in our lives.  We all have experienced, and we all know most people do, but the idea of someone latching onto you only to benefit them is something we all face.

2) Endless Cycle is a song about the cycle of depression. The basic concept that those who face it work so hard to get to a point of comfort, but the constant fear of its return inexplicably is always there.  And it is quite possible that such a thing would happen.  Musically, this song has a very fun and heavy odd time riff, the chorus is absolutely soaring and the heavy riff in the middle yields to some of the best solos the band has written, featuring both guitarists!

3) Innocent Victims is musically a really cool builder. The riffs always build-up, the bass has some very cool and unique lines, and the buildup to another massive chorus with a call and answer with the screamed vocals gives an awesome, dynamic song.  The solo is the best blend of melody and shred and the contrast of slower but crushing riffs with melody really shines through here. The lyrics reflect on the saying “ignorance is bliss.  It really can be, but the idea that one could be being completely used and abused without knowing the long-term effects is pretty disturbing, and the final line of the chorus and song “innocence comes with a price” is a perfect reminder.

4) Smoke Signals is the best conclusion to an EP we could’ve asked for. With the slow buildup into the explosive verse riff, the song almost never loses traction except for the buildup into the bridge, which is even more explosive, and almost 3.5 minutes in with the explosive riff.  Then, the ending plays with your ear as the ambient guitar adds drum and bass with a volume swell into a final head-bashing riff with an eerie harmonized guitar that fades out into oblivion, leaving you wanting more.  Lyrically, this came from a realization we want every band and artist to know: no matter what you do, you’re going to piss someone off. Not everyone will like your decisions, not everyone will be happy with the change and if you try to please everyone, you will please no one. Just be yourself, and always remember, “success is inevitable, so just take the shot”.


The band started as a random DM!  Bruce and Mitch had known each other for a good while at that point while Jace lives 45 minutes from Bruce and a full hour from Mitch. Within a month, the basic framework for the EP was laid out over all virtual sessions, there was no in-person meeting until the demo and this EP were done, and the chemistry is still strong as ever!  Never be afraid to reach out to someone!

The band all has plenty of knowledge in all the instruments played!  Bruce and Mitch can both drum pretty efficiently while Jace wrote most of the riffs that ended up in Smoke Signals and Endless Cycle. No one had any vocal knowledge before forming, Bruce took it seriously, learned proper technique, and while still growing constantly, he makes a killer frontman.

The band is all so young to the point that we have to work stuff out with venues about Jace due to him only being 18! The future is bright and at such a young age with so much room to grow, the band feels confident in their art and reach for the future.

Track Listing:

  1. Ticks (4:48)
  2. Endless Cycle (4:59)
  3. Innocent Victims (4:58)
  4. Smoke Signals (4:51)

EPLength: 19:38


EP Recording Credits:

  • All songs performed by: Befell
  • All songs written by: Befell
  • Produced by: Befell
  • Mixed by: Nick Davis
  • Mastered by: Nick Davis
  • EP Artwork by: Varises Otak


EP and Live Band Line Up:

Bruce Boring: Vocals/Guitars
Mitchell Caprio: Guitars
Jace Ebersole: Drums
Jon Perini: Bass

Hailing from several cities across Pennsylvania, Befell is composed of Bruce Boring (Guitar, Vocals), Mitchell Caprio (guitar), and Jace Ebersole (Drums). Lovers of killer riffs and melodies, they combine thrashy and quick riffs with layered choruses that will get any crowd singing along. If modern thrash needed any revival of the savage riffage and grooviness it once had, this is the band that will do it. They have no problem stepping outside traditional boundaries and structures while making the listener have a feeling of familiarity and comfort and have all the potential to bring in a new wave of metal with sheer ferocity.


2021 – Solitude (EP)
2021 – Uproot (demo)

Befell – Endless Cycle

Befell – Ticks

Befell – Smoke Signals

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