Slaves to the Nothing
Metal Assault
7 May 2021

Beekeeper are the only band to take the metal world by swarm. Formed out of a mutual love of all things heavy in metal, the San Diego thrash trio have been exceptionally busy both in the studio and on the road. Their début album, Slaves to the Nothing, originally released in 2017, is receiving a vinyl treatment – and deservedly so.

Right from the start, it’s clear that Beekeeper are not here to fool around – opener “Vargas” goes straight to the jugular with blood-pumping melodies mixed with thrashing drums and crisp bass playing. The band are comfortable in wearing their influences on their sleeves, but well-blended, well-produced, and with a unique twist. The essence of old-school Slayer, Arise-era Sepultura and the raw beginnings of Death all melt into the pot, the resulting concoction a speedy 33 minutes – over almost before it starts.

Each member in the band is key to the sound. Drummer Dylan Marks has already proven his chops in Fermentor and Eukaryst, and he bashes out blast beats in beastly fashion on “Kamel Krusher” and “Satan”. Adam Wollach, also of Fermentor fame, is also right up there in the mix with his bass playing, with that thick grimy tone coming through such as on “Fictitious”. And then, of course, there’s Ally Levine – a powerhouse of a performer whose guitar work is exceptional, and her vocals are a cross between Tom Araya, a young Chuck Schuldiner and Sabina Classen – the full gamut of screams, growls and the odd bit of clean singing for a curveball.

Right now, Beekeeper are poised for a sting operation, with the promise of new material on the way. For now, there is plenty of bite to Slaves to the Nothing. If this record had emerged in the 80s, it would have blown the metal community’s collective hive-mind. For now, it provides a perfect stepping stone for the band to reach even further heights. It cannot be stressed enough – get in the van and ride to San Diego to see them live – before they swarm to you! 

The album was remastered for vinyl by Townsend Mastering and will be available in red vinyl with black splatter.


Beekeeper – Vegeta

Beekeeper – Vargas

Beekeeper – Slaves To The Nothing

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