Battle Symphony – War On Earth

Battle Symphony – War On Earth

BATTLE SYMPHONY album “War On Earth” (15 May 2022, Soman records)

  1. Fire On Earth
  2. Hail Mankind, Hail!
  3. Soul Survivors
  4. Genocide
  5. Power and Glory
  6. The Final Chance
  7. One-Eyed Jack
  8. Sacrifice
  9. Darling
  10. One Day
  11. The Battle Symphony
  12. Los Guerreros (Bonus Track)

A concept album might be one of the most challenging endeavors for a band to pull off. There are so many things that need attending and so many that can go wrong and damage the final result. Especially, when a band decides to narrate a story in its album, the challenge is even greater, since the final work will be judged not only for its music but, also, for the lyrical context. What’s the point if the compositions are good and the story is confusing?

These are pretty much my thoughts when for a concept album in review. These were my thoughts when I was listening to the “War On Earth”. Will I understand the plot, will the narrative, though lyrical, be straightforward and not poetically abstract?

Fortunately, the first listening session was enough to get the grasp of the record and the second was just because I wanted to listen to the “War On Earth” again. Now, I can confidently say that Battle Symphony’s debut album is a well-executed and properly delivered concept album. Not a risky or a fundamentally fresh idea, but the fact that is coherent, solid and interesting makes up for everything else.

The story was created by the Greek author, journalist and keyboardist, Nikos Tzouannis and tells the story of the conflict between a rebellious human army and the aliens and humans inhabitants of the Earth. Epic, straightforward and coherent, the idea behind “War On Earth” is the most fitting theme to accompany the Battle Symphony’s fiery power metal.

Regarding the musical aspect, the “War on Earth” navigates the paths of the European power metal scene with shredding solos, melodic leads and sharp riffs with less distortion. The dry, distorted and chunkier riff approach of the US scene is found in tracks like the “Hail Mankind, Hail”. The band blends in its sound folk and classical music with the latest being observed, also, in some guitar parts infused with neoclassical elements.

In the album there is, also, a bonus track that is really interesting considering that is in Spanish and although the “War on Earth” ends with the great “The Battle Symphony”, the bonus track “Los Guerreros” concludes the album with its pattern breaking approach.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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