Bad & The Ugly

Bad & The Ugly

Bad & The Ugly

Bad & The Ugly

Singer, songwriter Nate Hess has created a new project surrounding himself with other like minded musicians playing under the name Bad & The Ugly. Nate has created a sound for fans of City and Colour and Thrice but with a unique twist of dark acoustic overtones in the music.

With haunting harmonies and honest lyrics, Bad & The Ugly have been picking up momentum with two self released EP’s “Skin and Bones” and “Slept In The Pages”. Nate is no stranger to the musician lifestyle as he toured the US numerous times including the popular Vans Warped Tour as drummer/singer for the hardcore band A Shattered Hope. Bad & The Ugly has taken the DIY approach embracing the ever changing music industry by self releasing their music, booking their own shows and building fans throughout the world.


Bad & The Ugly – Borrego Dreamer

Bad & The Ugly – My Empty Ghost

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