Bad Analogy

Bad Analogy

Bad Analogy

BAD ANALOGY embraces the sounds of rock, metal and punk making NEW rock that, sounds familiar. If you miss rock and roll, check out this band! BAD ANALOGY defies the demographics of most rock groups and the usual perceptions of what makes a band. BAD ANALOGY is comprised of two brothers and their dad coming together to share a love of drums, bass and guitar based rock! Using modest equipment and tech, they are stepping out to do what the early rock bands did in the 60s and 70s. Those groups, often with little musical knowledge, got together and played until they found riffs and beats, hammering out songs from pure determination! With lyrics drawn from life experience, BAD ANALOGY echoes classic rock influences like KISS, RAMONES, ZEPPELIN and BEATLES.

“We enjoy making music together and desire to share what we create with anyone who will listen. If you like what you hear, let us know. Rock on!”

Bad Analogy – Invisible

Bad Analogy – Seek & Hide

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