Due to both the pandemic and difficulty with finding the RIGHT musicians to fill out the band’s lineup, Axemaster was inactive from the beginning of the pandemic until not long ago. But with the additions of lead guitarist Scott Eicher and drummer Craig Gribben, the band has been rebuilt and has just started playing shows again.

Lead guitarist Scott Eicher is best known for his work with the bands “Kaos Theory”, and “Dangerous Inc”. With the latter he shared the stage with the likes of Quiet Riot, Bullet Boys, Jackal, and Ron Keel (among other national acts). Drummer Craig Gribben is best known for being the founding member of, and drummer for, the Pure Steel Records’ band Vatican for the better part of over 2 decades. Concerning the new additions, Axemaster founder and lead guitarist, Joe Sims, said: “The search for new band members was long and frustrating, but in the end it was worth the wait. Craig and Scott are not only the right musicians, but also the right PEOPLE, exactly what we were looking for. It’s amazing how cohesive and unified this lineup is, everyone became great friends quickly!”

Although the band was inactive for a lengthy period of time, it was not time wasted as it gave Joe Sims the time to not only write all the music for a new album, but also record most of the guitar for the album. He said “Overall, these new tunes might be the heaviest stuff I’ve ever written. I really tried to think and write outside the box for a number of them. Overall, I really love what I was able to come up with in general. There’s still a long way to go, Craig still has to work out the drums and most of the lyrics still need to be written; then of course recording, mixing, and all that. So I ask fans to be patient, it’s gonna be quite a while. But I really think most people will dig this music as much as I do, so stay tuned!”

Axemaster – Crawling Chaos

Axemaster – 10,000 Pound Hammer

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